Design and Analysis of a Novel Graphene-Assisted Silica/Polymer Hybrid Wa...
Controllable growth of large-area atomically thin ReS2 films and their th...
Metal-Catalyst-Free Growth of Patterned Graphene on SiO2 Substrates by An...
Highly flexible self-powered photodetectors based on core-shell Sb/CdS na...
Alloy theory with atomic resolution for Rashba or topological systems
Effects of photogenerated carriers in GaN layers on the photoluminescence...
Laser welding characteristics of Ti-Pb dissimilar couples and element dif...
Fabricating the Superhydrophobic Nickel and Improving Its Antifriction Pe...
Large-capacity and low-loss integrated optical buffer
Symmetry-Breaking Effect on the Electromagnetic Properties of Plasmonic T... 19-04-02
Detection of nitrous oxide by resonant photoacoustic spectroscopy based o... 19-04-02
Modulation Bandwidth Enhancement in Distributed Reflector Laser Based on ... 19-04-02
First-principles calculations of nitrogen-doped antimony triselenide: A p... 19-04-02
Fabrication of InP-based monolithically integrated laser transmitters 19-04-02
Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth of InP on Nanopatterned GaAs Substrates by M... 19-04-02
LVM Spectroscopy Investigation of Complex Defects in InAs Single Crystals... 19-04-02
UV-C whispering-gallery modes in AlN microdisks with AlGaN-based multiple... 19-04-02
Improved crystalline quality of Al-rich n-AlGaN by regrowth on nanoporous... 19-04-02
Special Section Guest Editorial: Semiconductor UV Photonics 19-04-02
Enhancing the light extraction of AlGaN-based ultraviolet light-emitting ... 19-04-02
Physics and devices of quanutm light emission from semicoductor self-asse... 19-04-02
Influence of carrier gas H-2 flow rate on quality of p-type GaN epilayer ... 19-04-02
Design of a 36-W fiber-coupled green laser diode by Zemax 19-04-02
The influence of thermal annealing process after GaN cap layer growth on ... 19-04-02
Room-temperature continuous-wave interband cascade laser emitting at 3.45... 19-04-02
16-channel dual-tuning wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer 19-04-02
1.3-mu m InAs/GaAs quantum dots grown on Si substrates 19-04-01
Geometrical condition for observing Talbot effect in plasmonics infinite ... 19-04-01
Perpendicular Optical Reversal of the Linear Dichroism and Polarized Phot... 19-04-01

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