Improved gas sensing properties of silver-functionalized ZnSnO3 hollow na...
Formation mechanism of coherent rainbows
Direct Growth of 5 in. Uniform Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Glass for High-...
A Novel Antibacterial Membrane Electrode Based on Bacterial Cellulose/Pol...
Modulating photoelectric performance of graphene/gallium arsenide nanowir...
RETRACTION: Detection of finger interruptions in silicon solar cells usin...
Brightening and controlling dark excitons in monolayer TMDCs
Transport spectroscopy through dopant atom array in silicon junctionless ...
Quantum frequency down-conversion of single photons at 1552 nm from singl...
Temperature dependence on the electrical and physical performance of InAs...
High-fidelity cavity soliton generation in crystalline AlN micro-ring res... 18-09-27
Enhanced bandwidth of white light communication using nanomaterial phosphors 18-09-27
Temperature dependent excitonic transition energies and linewidths of mon... 18-09-20
Moire Phonons in Twisted Bilayer MoS2 18-09-20
Resistivity reduction of low temperature grown p-Al0.09Ga0.91N by suppres... 18-09-20
Theoretical analysis of induction heating in high-temperature epitaxial g... 18-09-20
Deep levels induced optical memory effect in thin InGaN film 18-09-20
Topologically protected interface phonons in two-dimensional nanomaterial... 18-09-20
Self-Seeded MOCVD Growth and Dramatically Enhanced Photoluminescence of I... 18-09-20
Photonic Crystal Diode Laser Array Integrated With a Phase Shifter for Na... 18-09-20
Microwave Photonics for Featured Applications in High-Speed Railways: Com... 18-09-20
Toward Monolithic Integration of OEOs: From Systems to Chips 18-09-20
Narrow-Linewidth Microwave Generation by Optoelectronic Oscillators With ... 18-09-20
Electrical characteristics of ohmic contact on n-type in situ doped GeSiSn 18-09-20
Measurement and improvement of rubidium spin noise spectroscopy 18-09-13
Detection of nitrous oxide by resonant photoacoustic spectroscopy based o... 18-09-13
Demonstration of four-state memory structure with perpendicular magnetic ... 18-09-13
Topological Hall effect in ferromagnetic/non-ferromagnetic metals hetero ... 18-09-13
Low-phase-noise microwave generation using dual-mode microsquare laser ph... 18-09-13
Broadband linearly chirped light source with narrow linewidth based on ex... 18-09-13

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