Spontaneous perpendicular exchange bias effect in L1(0)-MnGa/FeMn bilayer...
Synthesis of submillimeter SnSexS2-x (0 < x < 1) two-dimensional alloy an...
Room-temperature quantum cascade superluminescent light emitters with wid...
Printable Zn2GeO4 Microwires Based Flexible Photodetectors with Tunable P...
Atomic-Ordering-Induced Quantum Phase Transition between Topological Crys...
Structural Phase Transition and a Mutation of Electron Mobility in ZnxCd1...
Spin depolarization dynamics of WSe2 bilayer
Coherent rainbows from solids
End-fire injection of light into high-Q silicon microdisks
Theoretical Studies on InGaAs/InAlAs SAGCM Avalanche Photodiodes
Super-hydrophilicity of hydroxy modified poly(m-phenylenediamine) aerogel... 18-04-26
Optical Frequency Comb Generation in Highly Nonlinear Fiber With Dual-Mod... 18-04-26
Recent progress and perspectives of metal oxides based on-chip microsuper... 18-04-26
Coupled Supercapacitor and Triboelectric Nanogenerator Boost Biomimetic P... 18-04-26
Ultrafast growth of horizontal GaN nanowires by HVPE through flipping the... 18-04-26
Designing a porous-crystalline structure of -Ga2O3: a potential approach ... 18-04-26
Atomic defects in monolayer WSe2 tunneling FETs studied by systematic ab ... 18-04-26
Few-mode vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser: Optional emission of tra... 18-04-26
Growth of AlGaN-based multiple quantum wells on SiC substrates 18-04-26
Design and fabrication of three-dimensional polymer mode multiplexer base... 18-04-26
Broadband multi-wavelength Brillouin lasers with an operating wavelength ... 18-04-26
Barrier tunneling of the loop-nodal semimetal in the hyperhoneycomb lattice 18-04-26
Experimental demonstration of a 16.9 Gb/s link for coherent OFDM PON robu... 18-04-26
The charge confinement effect of quantum-well Alq(3)-based OLEDs by dual-... 18-04-26
Thermal Management on IGBT Power Electronic Devices and Modules 18-04-19
High-performance deep ultraviolet photodetectors based on few-layer hexag... 18-04-19
Amorphous-InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistors Operating Beyond 1 GHz Achieved b... 18-04-19
High-Power Tapered Photonic Crystal Lasers With Slots for Narrow Spectral... 18-04-19
Data Transmission Using a Directly Modulated Widely Tunable DBR Laser Wit... 18-04-19
Low Chirp EMLs Fabricated By Combining SAG and Double Stack Active Layer ... 18-04-19

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