Spontaneous perpendicular exchange bias effect in L1(0)-MnGa/FeMn bilayer...
Synthesis of submillimeter SnSexS2-x (0 < x < 1) two-dimensional alloy an...
Room-temperature quantum cascade superluminescent light emitters with wid...
Printable Zn2GeO4 Microwires Based Flexible Photodetectors with Tunable P...
Atomic-Ordering-Induced Quantum Phase Transition between Topological Crys...
Structural Phase Transition and a Mutation of Electron Mobility in ZnxCd1...
Spin depolarization dynamics of WSe2 bilayer
Coherent rainbows from solids
End-fire injection of light into high-Q silicon microdisks
Theoretical Studies on InGaAs/InAlAs SAGCM Avalanche Photodiodes
A Brain-Computer Interface Based on Miniature-Event-Related Potentials In... 18-05-10
Evaluation of the Schottky Contact Degradation on the Temperature Transie... 18-05-10
Gate Leakage and Breakdown Characteristics of AlGaN/GaN High-Electron-Mob... 18-05-03
Electrical Initialization of Electron and Nuclear Spins in a Single Quant... 18-05-03
Study on the structural, optical, and electrical properties of the yellow... 18-05-03
MnO2 Nanoflowers and Reduced Graphene Oxide 3D Composites for Ultrahigh-E... 18-05-03
Significantly improved surface morphology of N-polar GaN film grown on Si... 18-05-03
Valley Zeeman splitting of monolayer MoS2 probed by low-field magnetic ci... 18-05-03
Chiral zero energy modes in two-dimensional disordered Dirac semimetals 18-05-03
Ferroelectric Field Effect Induced Asymmetric Resistive Switching Effect ... 18-05-03
Megahertz-resolution programmable microwave shaper 18-05-03
Reconfigurable microwave signal processor with a phase shift of pi 18-05-03
Four-port mode-selective silicon optical router for on-chip optical inter... 18-05-03
Broadband FBG resonator seismometer: principle, key technique, self-noise... 18-05-03
Spectral engineering for circular-side square microlasers 18-05-03
Pseudospin Dependent One-Way Transmission in Graphene-Based Topological P... 18-05-03
Highly polarization sensitive photodetectors based on quasi-1D titanium t... 18-05-03
Online ultrasonic terminal for measuring pig backfat thickness 18-04-26
Wet Oxidation Process to Al0.98Ga0.02As Layer for the Vertical-Cavity-Sur... 18-04-26
Near-infrared and mid-infrared semiconductor broadband light emitters 18-04-26

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