Realization of conical dispersion and zero-refractive-index in graphene p...
Carrier dynamics of two distinct localized centers in 530 nm InGaN green ...
The influence of well thickness on the photoluminescence properties of bl...
Mg concentration profile and its control in the low temperature grown Mg-...
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AlGaN-based ultraviolet light-emitting diodes on sputter-deposited AlN te...
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Spin-polarized charge transport in HgTe/CdTe quantum well topological ins...
Triboelectrification-Enabled Self-Powered Data Storage
Influence of InGaN layer growth temperature on luminescence properties of...
Neuromorphic vision chips 18-03-01
Hybrid silica coarse wavelength-division multiplexer transmitter optical ... 18-02-22
High-temperature and low-threshold interband cascade lasers at wavelength... 18-02-22
High-speed electro-optic switch based on nonlinear polymer-clad waveguide... 18-02-22
Spontaneous perpendicular exchange bias effect in L1(0)-MnGa/FeMn bilayer... 18-02-22
Structural and optical properties of semi-polar (11-22) InGaN/GaN green l... 18-02-22
Diamine anchored molecular junctions of oligo(phenylene ethynylene) cruci... 18-02-22
Asymmetric resistive switching effect in ZnO/Nb:SrTiO3 heterojunctions 18-02-22
Measurement of semi-polar (11-22) plane AlN/GaN heterojunction band offse... 18-02-22
Stable Single-Mode Operation of Distributed Feedback Quantum Cascade Lase... 18-02-22
Nonlinear dynamics of trions under strong optical excitation in monolayer... 18-02-22
Experimental evidence for an anisotropic Berry-phase effect on the anomal... 18-02-22
Flexible Broadband Image Sensors with SnS Quantum Dots/Zn2SnO4 Nanowires ... 18-02-22
Efficient green light-emitting diodes based on quasi-two-dimensional comp... 18-02-22
High Efficiency Quantum Cascade Lasers Based on Excited-States Injection 18-02-22
Microwave Photonics for Optical Sensors 18-02-22
Quantitative and Sensitive Detection of Chloramphenicol by Surface-Enhanc... 18-02-22
Vacuum-Ultraviolet Photovoltaic Detector 18-02-22
Comment on "Fundamental Resolution of Difficulties in the Theory of Charg... 18-02-22
Comparison of alloy disorder scatterings in Ga- and N-polar AlGaN/GaN het... 18-02-22

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