Improved gas sensing properties of silver-functionalized ZnSnO3 hollow na...
Formation mechanism of coherent rainbows
Direct Growth of 5 in. Uniform Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Glass for High-...
A Novel Antibacterial Membrane Electrode Based on Bacterial Cellulose/Pol...
Modulating photoelectric performance of graphene/gallium arsenide nanowir...
RETRACTION: Detection of finger interruptions in silicon solar cells usin...
Brightening and controlling dark excitons in monolayer TMDCs
Transport spectroscopy through dopant atom array in silicon junctionless ...
Quantum frequency down-conversion of single photons at 1552 nm from singl...
Temperature dependence on the electrical and physical performance of InAs...
Effects of Modulation P-Doping on Thermal Stability of InAs/GaAs Quantum ... 18-10-08
Comparative Investigation of Semipolar (11-22) GaN Layers on m-Plane Sapp... 18-10-08
A Special Section Dedicated to the 80th Birthday of Professor Zhanguo Wan... 18-10-08
Influence of Antireflection Coating on the Performance of Broadly Tunable... 18-10-08
Growth of InAsSb Quantum Dashes on InP (001) Substrate and Their Photolum... 18-10-08
Investigation of InGaN Layer Grown Under In-Rich Condition by Reflectance... 18-10-08
Trapping Effects Induced by Gate OFF-State Stress in AlGaN/GaN High-Elect... 18-10-08
Transverse Bragg Resonance Waveguide Quantum Cascade Lasers 18-10-08
Improved Performance of Quantum Dot Cascade Infrared Photodetectors with ... 18-10-08
High Power Compact Quantum Cascade Superluminescent Emitters with High Te... 18-10-08
The Mapping of Spin Photocurrent in In0.15Ga0.85As/Al0.3Ga0.7As Multiple ... 18-10-08
PtSe2/graphene hetero-multilayer: gate-tunable Schottky barrier height an... 18-10-08
A PFTBT modified visible-blind ultraviolet photodetector with a narrow de... 18-10-08
Anisotropic Pauli Spin-Blockade Effect and SpinOrbit Interaction Field in... 18-09-27
Enhancement of Electrical Characteristics and Stability of Amorphous Si-S... 18-09-27
Adjustable Current-Induced Magnetization Switching Utilizing Interlayer E... 18-09-27
Liquid Metal Gated Tribotronic Transistors as an Electronic Gradienter fo... 18-09-27
Low voltage-defect quantum cascade lasers based on excited-states injecti... 18-09-27
Transmission of 20 Gb/s PAM-4 signal over 20 km optical fiber using a dir... 18-09-27
Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman scattering in mono- and bilayer graphene 18-09-27

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