Design and Analysis of a Novel Graphene-Assisted Silica/Polymer Hybrid Wa...
Controllable growth of large-area atomically thin ReS2 films and their th...
Metal-Catalyst-Free Growth of Patterned Graphene on SiO2 Substrates by An...
Highly flexible self-powered photodetectors based on core-shell Sb/CdS na...
Laser welding characteristics of Ti-Pb dissimilar couples and element dif...
Fabricating the Superhydrophobic Nickel and Improving Its Antifriction Pe...
Large-capacity and low-loss integrated optical buffer
Joint clock recovery and feed-forward equalization for PAM4 transmission
Quantum transport relating to impurity quantum dots in silicon nanostruct...
Control of magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial Co2MnAl thin films through pi... 19-03-21
Piezoelectric Microchip for Cell Lysis through Cell-Microparticle Collisi... 19-03-21
Temporal Cloak Without Synchronization 19-03-21
Ray dynamics and wave chaos in circular-side polygonal microcavities 19-03-21
Effect of titanium doping on conductivity, density of states and conducti... 19-03-21
Semipolar (1101) InGaN/GaN red-amber-yellow light-emitting diodes on tria... 19-03-21
Detection of wideband low-power RF signals using a stimulated Brillouin s... 19-03-21
Accuracy monitoring and enhancement for microwave localization using para... 19-03-21
Growth of single crystalline GePb film on Ge substrate by magnetron sputt... 19-03-21
A 0.45-to-1.8 GHz synthesized injection-locked bang-bang phase locked loo... 19-03-21
Single-mode semiconductor lasers fabricated by standard photolithography ... 19-03-20
Deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes with improved performance via nano... 19-03-20
Resistive signature of excitonic coupling in an electron-hole double laye... 19-03-20
Tunable multiple Fano resonance employing polarization-selective excitati... 19-03-20
Unraveling the Defect Emission and Exciton-Lattice Interaction in Bilayer... 19-03-20
Uncovering and tailoring hidden Rashba spin-orbit splitting in centrosymm... 19-03-20
Sol-gel derived Zn1-xMgxO :Al transparent conductive thin film and its ap... 19-03-20
Control of magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial Co2MnAl thin films through pi... 19-03-20
An adhesive bonding approach by hydrogen silsesquioxane for silicon carbi... 19-03-20
Single mercury nanoelectrode: Single nucleus growth on Au nanoelectrode a... 19-03-20

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