Nanoscale triboelectrification gated transistor
Wearable supercapacitor self-charged by P(VDF-TrFE) piezoelectric separator
Circular-side square microlasers with shifted output waveguide positions ...
High-Efficiency All-Dielectric Metasurfaces for the Generation and Detect...
C-2v and D-3h symmetric InAs quantum dots on GaAs (001) substrate: Excito...
Ultraviolet to mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in single-crystalli...
Second-Order Topological Photonic Modes in Dipolar Arrays
Mode-Oriented Permutation Cipher Encryption and Passive Signal Switching ...
Exploring performance of THz metamaterial biosensor based on flexible thi...
Non-layered 2D materials toward advanced photoelectric devices: progress ...
Near vacuum-ultraviolet aperiodic oscillation emission of AlN films 20-05-29
Threshold MnAs thickness for the formation of ordered alpha/beta stripes ... 20-05-29
A theoretical and experimental study on effect of growth time on self-cat... 20-05-29
Optically controlled multi-carrier phase-shift-keying microwave signal ge... 20-05-29
FEGAN: Flexible and Efficient Face Editing With Pre-Trained Generator 20-05-21
High-resolution random fiber laser acoustic emission sensor 20-05-21
Optical and frequency degradation behavior of GaN-based micro-LEDs for vi... 20-05-21
Upside-down InAs/InAs1-xSbx type-II superlattice-based nBn mid -infrared ... 20-05-21
Directional Anisotropy of the Vibrational Modes in 2D-Layered Perovskites 20-05-21
Deep insights into interface engineering by buffer layer for efficient pe... 20-05-21
Gradient-Enhanced Softmax for Face Recognition 20-05-21
A 50-Gb/s PAM4 Si-Photonic Transmitter With Digital-Assisted Distributed ... 20-05-21
High-performance mid-wavelength InAs avalanche photodiode using AlAs0.13S... 20-05-21
Theoretical Analysis of Strain-Optoelectronic Properties in Externally De... 20-05-21
Off-stoichiometry effect on magnetic damping in thin films of Hensler all... 20-05-21
Distinguishing the inverse spin Hall effect photocurrent of electrons and... 20-05-15
Optical Properties of Atomic Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride Flakes un... 20-05-15
Stackable luminescent device integrating blue light emitting diode with r... 20-05-15
Reviews of wearable healthcare systems: Materials, devices and system int... 20-05-15
Mode Control of Quasi-PT Symmetry in Laterally Multi-Mode Double Ridge Se... 20-05-15

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