Nanoscale triboelectrification gated transistor
Wearable supercapacitor self-charged by P(VDF-TrFE) piezoelectric separator
Circular-side square microlasers with shifted output waveguide positions ...
High-Efficiency All-Dielectric Metasurfaces for the Generation and Detect...
C-2v and D-3h symmetric InAs quantum dots on GaAs (001) substrate: Excito...
Ultraviolet to mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in single-crystalli...
Second-Order Topological Photonic Modes in Dipolar Arrays
Mode-Oriented Permutation Cipher Encryption and Passive Signal Switching ...
Exploring performance of THz metamaterial biosensor based on flexible thi...
Non-layered 2D materials toward advanced photoelectric devices: progress ...
10-GHz broadband optical frequency comb generation at 1550/1310 nm 20-08-03
A high responsivity and controllable recovery ultraviolet detector based ... 20-08-03
Bright Exciton Fine-Structure in Two-Dimensional Lead Halide Perovskites 20-08-03
Giant momentum-dependent spin splitting in centrosymmetric low-Z antiferr... 20-08-03
Intercalation of Two-dimensional Layered Materials 20-08-03
All-Ti(3)C(2)T(x)MXene Based Flexible On-chip Microsupercapacitor Array 20-08-03
Complementary Lateral-Spin-Orbit Building Blocks for Programmable Logic a... 20-08-03
Graphene-Assisted Quasi-van der Waals Epitaxy of AlN Film on Nano-Pattern... 20-07-24
Low-threshold topological nanolasers based on the second-order corner state 20-07-24
Research progress in large-area perovskite solar cells 20-07-24
Phosphor-free single chip GaN-based white light emitting diodes with a mo... 20-07-24
Ultrawide bandgap AlN metasurfaces for ultraviolet focusing and routing 20-07-24
All-fiber third-order orbital angular momentum mode generation employing ... 20-07-24
Boost of single-photon emission by perfect coupling of InAs/GaAs quantum ... 20-07-24
An integrated flexible multifunctional sensing system for simultaneous mo... 20-07-24
Femtosecond green and ultraviolet lasers generated using second-harmonic ... 20-07-20
Effect of Optimization of TiO2 Electron Transport Layer on Performance of... 20-07-20
A10 Gb/s 1.5 mu m Widely Tunable Directly Modulated InGaAsP/InP DBR Laser* 20-07-20
Generation of laser chaos with wide-band flat power spectrum in a circula... 20-07-20
High operating temperature pBn barrier mid-wavelength infrared photodetec... 20-07-20

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