Design and Analysis of a Novel Graphene-Assisted Silica/Polymer Hybrid Wa...
Controllable growth of large-area atomically thin ReS2 films and their th...
Metal-Catalyst-Free Growth of Patterned Graphene on SiO2 Substrates by An...
Highly flexible self-powered photodetectors based on core-shell Sb/CdS na...
Alloy theory with atomic resolution for Rashba or topological systems
Effects of photogenerated carriers in GaN layers on the photoluminescence...
Laser welding characteristics of Ti-Pb dissimilar couples and element dif...
Fabricating the Superhydrophobic Nickel and Improving Its Antifriction Pe...
Large-capacity and low-loss integrated optical buffer
Room temperature operation of InAsSb quantum dashes laser near 1.8 mu m b... 19-04-01
Growth of Ordered Graphene Ribbons by Sublimation Epitaxy 19-04-01
Pd/Ti/Pt/Au alloyed ohmic contact for InAs/AlSb heterostructures with the... 19-04-01
25-channel 200 GHz AWG based on SOI ridge waveguides 19-04-01
A simple approach to obtain 2.0 mu m GaSb laser by using high-order distr... 19-04-01
Research on RSS Data Optimization and DFL Localization for Non-Empty Envi... 19-04-01
Role of Si and C Impurities in Yellow and Blue Luminescence of Unintentio... 19-04-01
Direct van derWaals Epitaxy of Crack-Free AlN Thin Film on Epitaxial WS2 19-04-01
Direct Growth of AlGaN Nanorod LEDs on Graphene-Covered Si 19-04-01
Bipolar Resistive Switching Effect in BiFeO3/Nb:SrTiO3 Heterostructure by... 19-04-01
Epitaxial Growth and Magnetic Properties of NiMnAs Films on GaAs Substrates 19-04-01
Investigation of InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Well Lasers with Slightly Doped Tunn... 19-04-01
Ambipolar Graphene-Quantum Dot Phototransistors with CMOS Compatibility 19-03-29
1.3mu m single photon emission from InAs/GaAs quantum dots 19-03-29
Improved performance of InP-based 2.1 mu m InGaAsSb quantum well lasers u... 19-03-29
Plant-Based Modular Building Blocks for "Green" Electronic Skins 19-03-29
Composition and Interface Engineering for Efficient and Thermally Stable ... 19-03-29
Device Configurations and Future Prospects of Flexible/Stretchable Lithiu... 19-03-29
Microwave photonics frequency-to-time mapping based on a Fourier domain m... 19-03-29
Unified theory of direct or indirect band-gap nature of conventional semi... 19-03-29

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