Temperature dependent excitonic transition energies and linewidths of mon...
Moire Phonons in Twisted Bilayer MoS2
Resistivity reduction of low temperature grown p-Al0.09Ga0.91N by suppres...
Theoretical analysis of induction heating in high-temperature epitaxial g...
Deep levels induced optical memory effect in thin InGaN film
Topologically protected interface phonons in two-dimensional nanomaterial...
Self-Seeded MOCVD Growth and Dramatically Enhanced Photoluminescence of I...
Photonic Crystal Diode Laser Array Integrated With a Phase Shifter for Na...
Microwave Photonics for Featured Applications in High-Speed Railways: Com...
Toward Monolithic Integration of OEOs: From Systems to Chips
Low-Temperature Eutectic Synthesis of PtTe2 with Weak Antilocalization an... 18-09-13
Influences of Ridge-Waveguide Shape and Width on Performances of InP-Base... 18-09-13
Fabrication of biomimetic superhydrophobic surface based on nanosecond la... 18-09-13
A novel scanning force microscopy probe with thermal-electrical actuation... 18-09-13
The Principle of Homology Continuity and Geometrical Covering Learning fo... 18-09-13
Method of the out-of-band rejection improvement of the AlN based surface ... 18-09-13
Analysis of resonance asymmetry phenomenon in resonator integrated optic ... 18-09-07
Suppression the Leakage of Optical Field and Carriers in GaN-Based Laser ... 18-09-07
Influence of dopant concentration on electrical quantum transport behavio... 18-09-07
SnO2: A Wonderful Electron Transport Layer for Perovskite Solar Cells 18-09-07
Dry Chemistry of Ferrate(VI): A Solvent-Free Mechanochemical Way for Vers... 18-09-07
Anomalous electroluminescent blue-shift behavior induced by well widths v... 18-09-07
Stand-off detection of ethanol vapor based on a tunable ICL 18-09-07
Integrated four-channel directly modulated O-band optical transceiver for... 18-09-07
Enhanced Carrier Concentration and Electronic Transport by Inserting Grap... 18-09-07
Low Threshold Fabry-Perot Mode Lasing from Lead Iodide Trapezoidal Nanopl... 18-09-07
Stability characterization of vacuum encapsulated MEMS resonators with Au... 18-09-07
Fabrication and Characterization of a High-Power Assembly With a 20-Junct... 18-09-07
Frequency-Tunable OEO Using a DFB Laser at Period-One Oscillations With O... 18-09-07
Control of a 7-DOF Robotic Arm System With an SSVEP-Based BCI 18-09-07

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