Nanoscale triboelectrification gated transistor
Wearable supercapacitor self-charged by P(VDF-TrFE) piezoelectric separator
Circular-side square microlasers with shifted output waveguide positions ...
High-Efficiency All-Dielectric Metasurfaces for the Generation and Detect...
C-2v and D-3h symmetric InAs quantum dots on GaAs (001) substrate: Excito...
Ultraviolet to mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in single-crystalli...
Second-Order Topological Photonic Modes in Dipolar Arrays
Mode-Oriented Permutation Cipher Encryption and Passive Signal Switching ...
Exploring performance of THz metamaterial biosensor based on flexible thi...
Non-layered 2D materials toward advanced photoelectric devices: progress ...
Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Second-Order Topological Corner State 20-09-14
1 550 nm VCSELs for long-reach optical interconnects 20-09-14
Optimizing a dual-frequency and phase modulation method for SSVEP-based BCIs 20-09-14
Resonant Multi-phonon Raman scattering of black phosphorus 20-09-14
Hidden spin polarization in the centrosymmetric MoS2 crystal revealed via... 20-09-14
Two 10 Gb/s directly modulated DBR lasers covering 20 nm wavelength range 20-09-14
Flexible sliding sensor for simultaneous monitoring deformation and displ... 20-09-07
Carbon/binder free 3D Si@Cu2O anode for high performance lithium ion battery 20-09-07
Recent research progress of ferroelectric negative capacitance field effe... 20-09-07
Experimental Demonstration of Directly Modulated DFB Lasers With Negative... 20-09-07
Preparation of three-dimensional graphene foam with controllable defects ... 20-09-07
Hybrid Fourier-domain mode-locked laser for ultra-wideband linearly chirp... 20-09-07
The Effect of Bias and Frequency on Amplitude to Phase Conversion of Phot... 20-09-07
Acceptor Decoration of Threading Dislocations in (Al, Ga)N/GaN Heterostru... 20-09-07
Nonequilibrium interplay between Andreev bound states and Kondo effect 20-09-07
Ultrafast plasmonic lasing from a metal/semiconductor interface 20-09-07
Influence of Fe in the buffer layer on the laser lift-off of AlGaN/GaN HE... 20-09-07
Batch Fabrication of Silicon Nanometer Tip Using Isotropic Inductively Co... 20-08-31
Effect of Low-Concentration Rb(+)Mixing on Semiconductor Majority Charge ... 20-08-31
Stable CsPb1-xZnxI3 Colloidal Quantum Dots with Ultralow Density of Trap ... 20-08-31

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