Spontaneous perpendicular exchange bias effect in L1(0)-MnGa/FeMn bilayer...
Synthesis of submillimeter SnSexS2-x (0 < x < 1) two-dimensional alloy an...
Room-temperature quantum cascade superluminescent light emitters with wid...
Printable Zn2GeO4 Microwires Based Flexible Photodetectors with Tunable P...
Atomic-Ordering-Induced Quantum Phase Transition between Topological Crys...
Structural Phase Transition and a Mutation of Electron Mobility in ZnxCd1...
Spin depolarization dynamics of WSe2 bilayer
Coherent rainbows from solids
End-fire injection of light into high-Q silicon microdisks
Theoretical Studies on InGaAs/InAlAs SAGCM Avalanche Photodiodes
Cardiac support device (ASD) delivers bone marrow stem cells repetitively... 18-05-24
Narrow-gap physical vapour deposition synthesis of ultrathin SnS1-xSex (0... 18-05-24
The phonon confinement effect in two-dimensional nanocrystals of black ph... 18-05-24
A study on dynamic model of steady-state visual evoked potentials 18-05-24
Impact of device parameters on performance of one-port type SAW resonator... 18-05-24
1.55-mu m AlGaInAs/InP Sampled Grating Laser Diodes for Mode Locking at T... 18-05-24
Method for Identifying Maize Haploid Seeds by Applying Diffuse Transmissi... 18-05-17
2.4-3.2 GHz robust self-injecting injection-locked phase-locked loop 18-05-17
Two-dimensional electron gas characteristics of InP-based high electron m... 18-05-17
Normal-incidence quantum cascade detector coupled by nanopore structure 18-05-17
Polymer/silica hybrid integration waveguide Bragg grating based on surfac... 18-05-17
InP-based directly modulated monolithic integrated few-mode transmitter 18-05-17
Study on the optical properties of ReS2 flakes by unpolarized and polariz... 18-05-17
Quantum size and electric field modulations on electronic structures of S... 18-05-17
Dependence of Beam Quality on Optical Intensity Asymmetry in In-Phase Coh... 18-05-17
Two-dimensional electron gas characteristics of InP-based high electron m... 18-05-10
Electrically and Optically Bistable Operation in an Integration of a 1310... 18-05-10
Observation of Unusual Optical Band Structure of CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Si... 18-05-10
Influence of dislocation density and carbon impurities in i-GaN layer on ... 18-05-10
Multilayer Graphene-GeSn Quantum Well Heterostructure SWIR Light Source 18-05-10

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