Photoinduced Inverse Spin Hall Effect of Surface States in the Topologica...
Design and Synthesis of an Artificial Perpendicular Hard Ferrimagnet with...
Molecular Patterning and Directed Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles on ...
Cascading Second-Order Microring Resonators for a Box-Like Filter Response
48 GHz High-Performance Ge-on-SOI Photodetector With Zero-Bias 40 Gbps Gr...
Modal gain characteristics of a 2 mu m InGaSb/AlGaAsSb passively mode-loc...
Response to "Comment on 'Phase-locked array of quantum cascade lasers wit...
Enhanced performance of 17.7 GHz SAW devices based on AlN/diamond/Si laye...
Photon wavelength dependent valley photocurrent in multilayer MoS2
Inclined emitting slotted single-mode laser with 1.7 degrees vertical div...
Influence of an in-plane magnetic field on the electronic structure of an... 18-01-05
Angular Dependence of the Spin Photocurrent in a Co-Fe-B/MgO/n-i-p GaAs Q... 18-01-05
High-efficiency terahertz devices based on cross-polarization converter 18-01-05
Damage-free and rapid transfer of CVD-grown two-dimensional transition me... 18-01-05
Large Magnetoresistance in Silicon at Room Temperature Induced by Onsite ... 17-12-29
Mode and Lasing Characteristics for Hybrid Square-Rectangular Lasers 17-12-29
Recent Progress in Optical Biosensors Based on Smartphone Platforms 17-12-29
Variable-curvature microresonators for dual-wavelength lasing 17-12-29
Output light power of InGaN-based violet laser diodes improved by using a... 17-12-29
High-efficiency (6+1) x 1 pump-signal combiner based on low-deformation a... 17-12-29
Evidence for a topological excitonic insulator in InAs/GaSb bilayers 17-12-29
Planar-Structure Perovskite Solar Cells with Efficiency beyond 21% 17-12-29
The effect of nanoscale steps on the self-catalyzed position-controlled I... 17-12-29
A novel approach framework based on statistics for reconstruction and hea... 17-12-29
Property-driven functional verification technique for high-speed vision s... 17-12-21
Performance enhancement in uniaxially tensile stressed GeSn n-channel fin... 17-12-21
Interfacial Interactions in van der Waals Heterostructures of MoS2 and Gr... 17-12-21
Interference effect based optimized matching between single-layer to five... 17-12-21
Efficacious engineering on charge extraction for realizing highly efficie... 17-12-21
A two-dimensional Fe-doped SnS2 magnetic semiconductor 17-12-21

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