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Intercalation of Two-dimensional Layered Materials


Author(s): Zhou, XY (Zhou Xinyun); Yang, JH (Yang Juehan); Zhong, MZ (Zhong Mianzeng); Xia, QL (Xia Qinglin); Li, B (Li Bo); Duan, XD (Duan Xidong); Wei, ZM (Wei Zhongming)

Source: CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN CHINESE UNIVERSITIES DOI: 10.1007/s40242-020-0185-0 Early Access Date: JUL 2020

Abstract: Two-dimensional(2D) layered materials have attracted great attention due to their unique electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical properties. 2D layered materials have unique van der Waals gaps, thus the foreign substance, such as atoms, molecules and ions, can be inserted into the gaps to change the physical and chemical properties of 2D layered materials, which is conducive to realize their multi-functional application. Herein, we present a critical review of recent research progress of 2D intercalated materials, including the synthesizing methods, theoretical calculation, characterization and multifunctional application. Finally, we will summarize the current challenges and future opportunities in the development of 2D intercalated materials.

Accession Number: WOS:000549785600003

ISSN: 1005-9040

eISSN: 2210-3171

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